Hi! I am Mariska Gilbers. I am studying Industrial Design at the Eindhoven University of Technology. Here you can find information about who I am, my professional Identity and Vision and some of my current and past activities.  I love to sketch and I want to create good designs together with others.

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About me

 I am a perfectionist and a hard worker who loves to make new things. From an early age, I always had a passion for drawing and painting. I would always strive for perfection in my works. Though many people sometimes view perfectionism as a difficulty, I personally think perfectionism is one of my strengths as a designer. It allows me to think of every detail within a design process.


I am a designer who searches for the best way to communicate new ideas to others. I try to do this by sketching what is in my mind to quickly visualize what my thoughts are. While sketching, I am able to come up with new solutions for design problems. In this creative flow I am able to think of many ideas in a short time. In a group, I am always more a follower than a leader. Having someone give instructions is comfortable for me but I also want to have room for creativity. Another quality of mine is that I am realistic, which is convenient when doing projects. I can see whether an idea is achievable or just impossible to accomplish within a time period.


Something I love besides design is music. I love to play music and practicing in orchestras thought me how to work in a team. It is important to listen to each other and communicate to create something beautiful. I find this also very important in group projects. I take pleasure in being proud of work I created with others. This past semester I did a project called 'Play to Learn'. I was very excited to work on this project and my expectations were met. The Project really inspired my and I am proud of what we achieved with our team.


My vision on design is that it should have a positive influence on people and make them more social. In some cases, technology has gone too far and made people interact less with each other. It is important to apply technology in a way that could create a more social environment where people feel like a community instead of just individuals.


This social aspect is also an issue within hospitals. There are people suffering in hospitals, physically but also mentally. They often feel alone and it would be better if people in hospitals could interact more with each other. I think there is a much to improve in hospitals to make time spent there more bearable. I would like to achieve this through designing. Design should also look and feel comfortable for the user to create the best experience.






Mariska Gilbers

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