Next year I want to participate in the USE learning trajectory The human in technology. This trajectory is about social en psychological aspects of technology. My goal is to be able to really design for the need of people and making life easier for them. It think in cases that technology has gone too far and I would not want to contribute to that. Instead, I want to contribute to developing useful technologies and designs that society really wants. In this way, the trajectory aligns well with my vision.


For project 2 i hope to get enrolled in the squad Social inclusion and physical rehabilitation. This squad focuses on clinical expertise for physically challenges people or socially isolated individuals. I would like to know more about this area of designing because it has the most direct impact on individuals themselves. I get to work with real patients to make the best product.


My goal next year is to develop more in the competencies of business & entrepreneurship and technology & realization. I hope to do this by taking responsibility for these aspects in my project. I still have to discover what kind of designer I would like to be. I hope this will become clear to me in the upcoming years.

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