Since I was little, I always had two big passions: Drawing and Music. In primary school, you could always find me with a pencil in my hand. I remember feeling proud every time I got to show a painting to my parents and make them happy. When I went to high school, trying to keep up with drawing was very difficult to manage next to all school work. Luckily, I could choose for an art subject where we would get assignments and make drawings and paintings. This was my favourite thing to do and I often put a lot of effort in my work to make it perfect. When we had to choose a subject for our final high school project, I chose arts. Together with a friend of mine we created a big painting which expressed a critical view on war. We were very proud of what we achieved and to our surprise, we were even nominated for the OMO  Award (This association encourages talent in high schools and annually awards prizes for special pieces of work.) When I had to pick an education, Industrial Design seemed like the perfect way to combine my creativity in my future work.


When I was six years old I started with playing the violin. I immediately loved it and I kept playing ever since. I participated in many concerts and orchestra's which taught me to work together and listen to other people. This skill I learned could be a valuable in my future career as industrial designer, where teamwork is an important aspect. Performing in front of audiences made me more comfortable when confronted with big crowds. I am still very interested in music and I want to apply sounds and music into my future designs.




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